Conducting is one of the most interesting and multifaceted musical fields. Similarly, there are many different approaches to teaching conducting, encompassing aspects of many different fields, from gestural to psychological, as well as technical aspects of the interpretation.

Choral conducting and orchestral conducting … It is really unbelievable how two different ensembles – choir and orchestra – have led to what are at times two opposing schools of thought on conducting technique.

My opinion is that the basic technique is absolutely the same: the chorus needs a very clear gesture, a quality that is most frequently attributed to orchestral conductors; in the same way an orchestra needs a conductor who “breathes with the sound” and who supports the musical gesture with his physical posture, a feature that is usually attributed instead to the directors of choirs.

At the center of my conducting pedagogy lies the idea of a multifaceted approach to this discipline, in the fields of the orchestra, choir or ensemble: study and preparation of the score, technical preparation of the rehearsals, gesture technique with and without the baton, physical posture, psychology of conducting and so on.

At the same time it is possible to study those peculiar aspects referred to different techniques used in the contemporary repertoire.

Lessons are tailored to the student’s needs.