25-29 August 2018

BUDAPEST – Zeneház (House of Music) seat of Concerto Budapest Orchestra,
Páva utca 10, 1094 – Budapest

Masterclass in Composition (Professors: Sidney Corbett, Alessio Elia)


General Info
Period: 25-29 August 2018
Place: Zeneház (House of Music) seat of Concerto Budapest Orchestra.
Address: Páva utca 10, 1094 – Budapest
Final Concert: 29 August – House of Music. Budapest

Professors: Sidney Corbett, Alessio Elia


Sidney Corbett / Alessio Elia
– On writing for string quartet, with analytic examples from Ligeti, Scelsi and Lachenmann (and Beethoven and Bartók over our shoulders)

Alessio Elia
– Microtonality: from Spectralism to Polysystemism. From the overtone series to the simultaneous employment of different tuning systems.
(Seminar based on lectures held at Cité de la Musique, The Hungarian Academy of Arts and Chigiana Academy)

Sidney Corbett
– San Paolo, opera after an unrealised screenplay by Pier Paolo Pasolini

– Window technique: a way of managing proportions in musical composition with regard to metre, tempo, harmonic rhythm, density, register and dynamics

The pieces of the students are analyzed and discussed by Corbett and Elia from the point of view of compositional techniques and aesthetics. The conductor and editor Andreas Luca Beraldo will provide instead a conductorial and editorial approach.


piano and string quartet (members of The National Hungarian Radio Orchestra, Hungarian Opera House and Concerto Armonico).
Andreas Luca Beraldo, conductor

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